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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Project: Geek my Ride

How to use my Sprint PPC 6700 to stream live audio to car stereo

I realized the other day when I had to drive from San Francisco to Fremont, about an hour's drive, that I could actually stream live audio from my Pocket PC the whole way as that entire trip is within Sprint's EVDO network. At the time, I was just using KCRW's Window's Media stream, which I found via an advanced search through one of my favorite sites, Public Radio Fan (on the advanced tab you can select what's on now in a particular format, and you can also search by station).

Of course to do any of this, you need to be plugged in to something because the battery on the Pocket PC sucks. I use the iGo power system I picked up at RadioShack, since you can buy different extensions for different devices.

On this trip I was listening through my headset, which gets uncomfortable after awhile. So the next step was to hook up to the car stereo. This only took two things:
1. a 2.5mm male adaptor to 3.5mm female adaptor. I picked one up on eBay that specifically named compatability with the PPC6700.
2. a Monster 3.5 - audio cassette, which I picked up online for about $14 with shipping, you can get them for $20 on RadioShack.

So now I can stream audio on the road from any number of sites, but then I got to thinking, maybe it's time I set this up to get podcasts. There are ways to do straight from the PPC 6700 (See this MS Article), but I didn't really want to do it that way, seems like it would take too long. I'd rather have an app get the downloads and sync with my device when I'm plugged in. So this article helped show me how to do that.

Pimped my ride, geekstyle.


Blogger Unknown said...

Well why don't you get a satellite and install it on top of your SUV.. that way you can be online anytime.

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